| Prayers for the Deceased

This offering is for those who would like to dedicate monastics prayers for the deceased so that the deceased will have the most merit to start off their next lives.
Term: Ends 49 Days after Registration

GWBI will have a prayer place setting dedicated to the person. In addition, the person will receive the merits from
1) the daily recital of the Prajñāpāramitā sutra by monastics,
2) offering monastic victuals 14 times,
3) three grand offerings,
4) three victual offerings to the netherworld,
5) daily evening prayers, and
6) 49 light offerings during this period of time.

Each prayer place setting can only contain a person's or an ancestral name.

● 49 Days/ Recommended offering amount: CAD200(or equivalent to other currencies)
● 365 Days / Recommended offering amount: CAD1500(or equivalent to other currencies)

All proceeds go towards GWBI's operating fund.

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