| Monastic Blessings

This offering is for those who would like to receive monastics blessings in their life events, ranging from taking exams, ill health, pregnancy check-ups, accidents, business dealings, job promotion, application acceptances etc. The person receiving monastic blessings will accumulate great merit.
Term: Ends 30 Days after Registration

GWBI will have a prayer place setting dedicated to the person. In addition, the person will receive the merits from
1) the daily recital of the Prajñāpāramitā sutra by monastics,
2) offering monastic victuals eight times,
3) two grand offerings,
4) daily evening prayers, and
5) 49 light offerings during this period of time.

Each prayer place setting can only contain the name of one person or family.
Recommended offering amount: CAD100

If you would like to receive Monastic Blessings for 2 consecutive months, please select CAD200;
If you would like to receive Monastic Blessings for 10 consecutive months, please select CAD1,000, and so on. All proceeds go towards GWBI's operating fund.

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