| Support Construction (Monthly)

We invite you to monthly joyously support construction of our new monastery. This will greatly facilitate our monastics' practice.

Name will be on a merit dedication list that is placed alongside 49 light offerings to all the Buddha statues in the main prayer hall (for blessings)

Once a Month, Name will be Read by a Nun for Dedication of Merits
During evening prayers
After the monthly Guru Feast Offering dharma ceremony (all 400+ GWBI nuns participating)

Once a Year , Name will be Read by a Nun for Dedication of Merits
After the Ullambana dharma ceremony held at the end of Pravarana

Long-Term Continued Monastery Support
Totaling CAD1,000/USD800: Guanyin Bodhisattva Buddha Statue (made of beryl)
Totaling CAD10,000/USD8,000: A foundation stone, engraved with name and "GWBI North Lotus Campus Initiating Benefactor" will be buried in the North Lotus Campus
Totaling CAD50,000/USD40,000: GWBI’s Honorary Benefactor

We recommend checking “Create an account" on the next web page and setting up your personal password. In the future, upon logging into your account on our website, you would be able to change your card, monthly offering amount as well as to suspend your recurring donation. If you have any questions, please contact our donor relations team or hope@gwbi.org.

Upon submission, our system will start automatically charging your credit card on the 5th of every month.

※ All proceeds go towards GWBI’s operating funds.
※ For monthly offering, if the payment cannot be successfully debited that month due to the expiration of the donor's credit card and other related factors, we will send an email to notify the donor every month. If the donor continues to fail to process the payment for six months, resulting in continuous deduction failures, we will actively terminate the donation. If you want to resume donating in the future, you can start a new donation online.

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