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Initiating Benefactors

Nalanda Monastery, the epitome of learning, the place where countless great Buddhist Masters were nurtured, such as Manjushri Bodhisattva, Asanga Bodhisattva, Great Master Xuanzang etc. To this date, the words of these great Buddhist masters still benefit countless beings, and the merits from building the great Nalanda Monastery are continuously multiplying.

The great karmic deed from building a monastery, relies solely on the pioneer's courageous aspiration, enabling such a jewel to appear and emanate light in all directions.

In 2021, Great Wisdom Buddhist Institute will keep construction of its North Lotus Campus. We sincerely invite you to join us in becoming GWBI's Initiating Benefactor.

Every GWBI Initiating Benefactor:
(1) Receive a certificate and GWBI Initiating Benefactor medal.
(2) In the one year starting from the date of offering, GWBI will dedicate merits during the Lunar New Year Three Thousand Buddha Prostrations Dharma Ceremony, Buddha Bathing Dharma Ceremony, Yulan Pen Dharma Ceremony, Guan Yin Dharma Ceremony, Yuan Gen Dharma Ceremony, as well as other dharma ceremonies.
(3) Have a Prayer Place setting for Monastics Blessings during the coming year's Yulan Pen Dharma Ceremony.
(4) In the one year starting from the date of offering, GWBI will list the Initiating Benefactor's name on the Monastic Blessings list, and pray for blessings for the Initiating Benefactor's family.
(5) A foundation stone, engraved with "GWBI North Lotus Campus Initiating Benefactor" will be buried in the North Lotus Campus along with the Initiating Benefactor's name (it is possible to use an organization's name, however, there are character restrictions, please kindly contact us)
- Upon completion of engraving, a digital photo of the foundation stone will be stored in GWBI's electronic wall of merit, and can be easily searched and displayed.
- With approval, the Initiating Benefactor's name will be displayed on the wall of merit on GWBI's website.
(6) GWBI would like to show appreciation and build ties with each Initiating Benefactors through a gift of either a Guanyin Bodhisattva Buddha Statue (made of beryl). Please indicate in the "address" field your preference: Buddha statute / None (if you would prefer not to receive your gift of appreciation). Otherwise, please indicate a valid mailing address in the address field.
(7) All proceeds from this offering item will go towards GWBI's Construction Fund. In addition, in the event of a force majeure event such as natural or nuclear disaster, act of war or terrorism, etc. that prevents construction from taking place, all donations will go towards GWBI's Operating Fund and funds will be used on an as-needed basis. Such updates will be posted on GWBI's website.

Please feel free to contact hope@gwbi.org if there are any questions.

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