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Honorary Benefactors

2,500 years ago, Buddha found a path to break free from samsara. In order for all beings to have the same achievement, after turning the dharma wheel thrice, Buddha left a pure stream of dharma.

2,500 years later, Great Wisdom Buddhist Institute has received this pure lineage, cultivating numerous young and talented monastics, who will increase global awareness of Buddhist teachings in the near future.

GWBI sincerely invites you to become an Honorary Benefactor, and join us in creating this glorious period of history.

Every Honorary Benefactor:
(1) Receive a certificate and GWBI Honorary Benefactor medal
(2) Will have his/her name engraved permanently on GWBI's Honorary Wall.
(3) Will be listed on GWBI Monastic Blessings list for a lifetime, and GWBI will pray for blessings for the Honorary Benefactor's family.
(4) Will receive merits dedicated during GWBI's Lunar New Year Three Thousand Buddha Prostrations Dharma Ceremony, Buddha Bathing Dharma Ceremony, Yulan Pen Dharma Ceremony, Guan Yin Dharma Ceremony, Yuan Gen Dharma Ceremony, as well as other dharma ceremonies for a lifetime.
(5) Have a Big Prayer Place setting for Monastics Blessings during GWBI's Yulan Pen Dharma Ceremony for a lifetime.
(6) GWBI would like to show appreciation and build ties with each Honorary Benefactors through both gifts of a Guanyin Bodhisattva Buddha Statue (made of beryl) . If you would prefer not to receive your gift of appreciation, please indicate in the "address" field your preference: None. Otherwise, please indicate a valid mailing address in the address field.
(7) A foundation stone, engraved with "GWBI North Lotus Campus Honorary Benefactor, Complete Wisdom and Fortune" will be buried in the North Lotus Campus along with the Honorary Benefactor's name.
- Upon completion of engraving, a digital photo of the foundation stone will be stored in GWBI's electronic wall of merit, and can be easily searched and displayed.
- With approval, the Honorary Benefactor's name will be displayed on the wall of merit on GWBI's website.

1. Offering proceeds go towards GWBI's monastic education, Buddhist activities, construction fund as well as other uses.
2. Upon accumulation of CAD50,000 or USD40,000 offering in THREE year, (if other currencies are used, please use the offering date's exchange rate), the donor will become an Honorary Benefactor.
3. "Honorary Benefactor" is for an individual. Currently GWBI is unable to bestow the title upon a company, class or other such groups.
※ If there are any typos, we offer our sincerest apologies, please contact us immediately.
4. GWBI reserves the right to make changes. Please feel free to contact hope@gwbi.org if there are any questions.

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