| Aspiration Foundation Stone

Aspire to cross paths with Master Tsong-kha-pa's pure teachings lifetime after lifetime
Aspire towards the Mahayana path, learning the six degrees of paramita, attaining Buddhahood!
Engraved on this foundation stone, representing these firm aspirations, buried at the base where Master Tsong-kha-pa's teachings will flourish, forever lasting!

All the Great Wisdom Buddhist Institute nuns will gather to offer, remember Master Tsong-kha-pa, learn and practice great Buddhist Masters' teachings on Serenity and Insight, chant Prajna sutra, partake in Guru's Offering dharma ceremony etc. With a fervent mindset, GWBI nuns will dedicate the merits from these practices to all who make offerings towards the Aspiration Foundation Stone - may their wishes rapidly come true.

* A foundation stone, engraved with "Aspire to learn the Six Degrees of Paramitas, May Master Tsong-kha-pa's teachings spread all around" will be buried in the North Lotus Campus

* To show our appreciation, GWBI would like to display one name (individual, company or "& family") on our wall of merit in the new monastery. Please fill in the names as indicated. We regret that we are unable to display more than one name.
(Each offering item will have its own allotted number of names to be displayed on the Wall of Merit.)
* All offering proceeds go towards GWBI's construction fund.

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