| Blossoming of North Lotus: Heart Lamp

The elegant street lamp, shining in the darkness, just like the light of truth, removing the darkness of oblivion with a single ray; calling out with its halo, guiding all beings to their eternal home.

Great Wisdom Buddhist Institute will dedicate prayers to every name on the wall of merit.

Any unused funds (donations in excess of actual amount spent) will go towards Great Wisdom Buddhist Institute’s construction funds.
Please feel free to chat online with our donor relations team or email hope@gwbi.org if there are any questions.

※ As a show of our appreciation, for every offering amount of CAD225 (or equivalent to other currencies), GWBI would like to display one name of your choice on our wall of merit in the new monastery. Please fill in the name(s) as indicated below. If only the family name is provided, we will add “& family” to the family name. We regret that we are unable to display more than one name per CAD225 (or equivalent to other currencies) of offering.

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