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Dharani Benefactor
Dharani - chanting it will maintain virtuous thoughts, prevent non virtuous behaviour, and give rise to many virtues.
In the past, due to his whole-hearted support as an elder, allowing the novice monk to practice and study undisturbed, when he became Buddha’s disciple, Ananda became the best Dharani. He remembered all of Buddha’s teachings. Every bit of effort in supporting someone’s practice and study of the Buddhist teachings will accumulate as merits that enable one to study and practice, and attain all virtues.

In 2021, Great Wisdom Buddhist Institute commenced construction of the North Lotus Campus. GWBI sincerely invites you to become a Dharani Benefactor.

Every Dharani Benefactor will
(1) Have his/her/their name listed in an ornate register of names, which will be kept in the dormitory of the monastery.
(2) Will receive merits dedicated during GWBI's Lunar New Year Three Thousand Buddha Prostrations Dharma Ceremony, Buddha Bathing Dharma Ceremony, Yulan Pen Dharma Ceremony, Yuan Gen Dharma Ceremony, as well as other dharma ceremonies for one year starting from the offering date.
(3) Have a Prayer Place setting for Monastics Blessings during the next GWBI's Yulan Pen Dharma Ceremony.
(4) Have a Prayer Place setting at GWBI’s Monastics Blessings Prayer Area for one year starting from the offering date. GWBI monastics will pray for blessings for the Dharani Benefactor and family.
(5) Every Dharani Benefactor will receive a certificate and GWBI Dharani Benefactor medal.
(6) GWBI would like to show appreciation and build ties with each Dharani Benefactor through a gift of a Guanyin Bodhisattva Buddha Statue (made of beryl).

● For “Pick Up Location for Gift of Appreciation" field, please indicate as follows “Country-County/State/Province-Town/City”
(e.g. Taiwan-Hualien-Yuli, US-NY-Manhattan)

● If you would prefer not to receive your gift of appreciation, please indicate in the “Pick Up Location for Gift of Appreciation" field: None.

(7) To show our appreciation, GWBI would like to display the Dharani Benefactor’s name along with twenty other names of your choice on GWBI’s wall of merit in the new monastery. Each name can be of an individual, a company, or a group and is restricted to eight Chinese characters. We regret that we are unable to display more than these 21 names.
(8)All proceeds from this offering item will go towards GWBI's Construction Fund. In addition, in the event of a force majeure event such as natural or nuclear disaster, act of war or terrorism, etc. that prevents construction from taking place, all donations will go towards GWBI's Operating Fund and funds will be used on an as-needed basis. Such updates will be posted on GWBI's website.

Please feel free to contact hope@gwbi.org if there are any questions.

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