| 2024 Light Offering for Peace

Glowing day and night
The crystal lotus flower light offering in front of Buddha
Every instant’s brilliance is an offering to our dear buddhas and bodhisattvas
Praying that you will illuminate us and give us peace
Clearing all karmic obstacles, accumulating positive karma, achieving our aspirations

Great Wisdom Buddhist Institute invites you to join us in a light offering for 2024.

The light offering will be for an entire calendar year.
GWBI nuns will dedicate merits to those participating in this light offering during the Lunar New Year Three Thousand Prostrations Dharma Ceremony (all nuns will be participating) as well as the year end grand offering to Buddha.
For the entire year, the names of Living individuals will be displayed under “Monastics’ Blessings Prayer Place Setting”, as part of GWBI’s monastics’ blessings prayer place setting area.
Deceased individuals will be displayed under “Monastics’ Prayers for the Deceased Prayer Place Setting”, as part of GWBI’s monastics’ prayers for the deceased prayer place setting area.
Receiving merits dedicated from GWBI nuns’ daily practice.

We welcome offerings at any time of the year, however, this offering will begin on Jan 1, 2024 and end Dec 31, 2024. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.

All proceeds go towards GWBI’s operating funds.
If you have any questions, please contact our donor relations team or hope@gwbi.org.

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