| Dedicating Merits for Parents of 7 Previous Lifetime

During the time of Buddha, the monsoon season of India lasted for around three months. These three months became a period of retreat, known as “Vassavasa”. During Vassavasa, monastics lived together in the monastery and did not step outside. They focused on studying and practicing Buddhism.
Supporting the studies and practice of monastics during the Vassavasa period would accumulate great merit towards wisdom and good fortune, and attainment of buddhahood!

Great Wisdom Buddhist Institute invites you to show your gratitude towards the parents of your seven previous lifetimes.

1.During the Vassavasa retreat period, there will be a “Prayers for the Deceased” prayer place setting dedicated to the parents of the benefactor’s seven previous lifetimes. There will also be a “Monastics Blessings” prayer place setting dedicated to the parents of the benefactor’s current lifetime.
2.At the conclusion of daily evening prayers, GWBI nuns will dedicate merits from the daily chanting of the Prajñāpāramitā sutra, Mahamayuri Vidyarajni sutra as well as the study and practice of Buddhism to the parents of the benefactor’s seven previous lifetimes.
3.The benefactor will also receive merits from 8 monastic victual offerings, and 2 grand offerings, after which the offerings would be made to the ghosts. Names of the deceased will also be placed in front of 49 light offerings, praying for rebirth in virtuous realms.
4.GWBI nuns will chant the Sutra of Filial Piety 200 times, helping to dedicate merits to all the past parents of the deceased, as an expression of the deceased’s deep gratitude.
5.At the end of the Ullambana dharma ceremony, the benefactor will receive merits from GWBI nuns chanting 3,000 scrolls of the Prajñāpāramitā sutra and making Mengshan offerings. During this three-day dharma ceremony, there will be three daily offerings (morning, afternoon and night) made to the ghosts, and merits will be dedicated to the deceased.

Any excess offering amount will be directed towards GWBI's Operating Fund.

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