| Repaying Our Deepest Gratitude

The seventh month of the lunar calendar is the month when Buddhists reflect on and repay their gratitude. Reading the Sutra of Filial Piety, we see how Buddha has led us in reflecting on our parents’ kindness to us. A mother undergoes pregnancy for ten months, nourishing the baby using her own flesh and blood. As the child grows older, any difficulty encountered is a huge worry for the parents, who would rather be the ones bearing the difficulty. As long as the parents are still alive, they will always care for their children. This kind of concern is hard to stop even at the end of life. Perhaps my parents are not the only ones who have shown me such kindness in my life. At this moment, how many people would I like to repay for their kindness to me? At Pavarana, to help repay the kindness of all benefactors in our lives, Great Wisdom Buddhist Institute (“GWBI”) has created a unique offering item called "Repaying Our Deepest Gratitude." This offering item utilizes the precious merits generated from participating in GWBI’s monastery construction, increasing awareness in Buddhist teachings, and supporting monastics, to repay our benefactors. 1. GWBI would like to display 4 names of your choice (please note if deceased) on our wall of merit in the new monastery as a way to continuously dedicate merits from GWBI’s monastery construction. 2. During the Ullambana dharma ceremony, GWBI will provide “Monastics Blessings” or “Prayers for the Deceased” prayer place settings for the four names accordingly. At the end of the dharma ceremony, when merits are dedicated, a GWBI nun will read aloud these four names. The prayer place settings will remain in the prayer hall for 3 months. 3. During these 3 months, GWBI nuns will dedicate merits from the daily chanting of the Prajñāpāramitā sutra, Mahamayuri Vidyarajni as well as the study and practice of Buddhism etc. to these 4 individuals. 4. Living individuals will receive merits from 24 monastic victual offerings, 6 grand offerings and 49 light offerings for blessings in the 3 months. 5. During the 3 months, the deceased will receive merits from 24 monastic victual offerings, 6 grand offerings and offerings to ghosts, as well as 49 light offerings for rebirth in virtuous realms. 6. GWBI nuns will chant the Sutra of Filial Piety 200 times, helping to dedicate merits to the deceased as well as all past parents. 7. During the Ullambana dharma ceremony, GWBI nuns will chant 3,000 scrolls of the Prajñāpāramitā sutra and make Mengshan offerings. During this three-day dharma ceremony, there will be three daily offerings (morning, afternoon and night) made to the ghosts, and merits will be dedicated to the deceased. Any excess offering amount will be directed towards GWBI's construction Fund.

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